'Red Sea' the Fish Kingdom: Dangerous species under the sea?

'Red Sea' the Fish Kingdom: Dangerous species under the sea?

'Red Sea' the Fish Kingdom: Dangerous species under the sea?

'Red Sea' the Fish Kingdom is filled with incredibly beautiful species of animals, some Dangerous species under the sea are terrifying.

The ocean floor in the Red Sea is filled with incredibly beautiful species of animals, while on the other hand, some species are terrifying. The wonder of creation is the endless mystery of the ' Red Sea'.

How to identify dangerous animals under the sea? 

There are plenty of strange fish on coral islands. Coral Island Fish very glamour spot. The fish here is famous for its varied colors. Each species of fish does not like contact with other species of fish at all. Divers are well aware of the fearsome creatures on coral islands. 

In the case of monstrous animals,

moving forward is straightforward and efficient.
There is no name or smell among them.
Most of the places are swaying and moving indifferently.
They do not run away even if there is an obstacle in front of them.

On coral islands, the living creatures in which such behavior can be observed are undoubtedly considered to be dangerously venomous creatures. It is best to avoid them very carefully.

Poisonous wings of Chicken fish or lionfish

Poisonous wings of lionfish

On the coral islands, Chicken fish or lionfish are at the top of the list of poisonous fish. This beautiful species of fish is abundant in the Red Sea. Completely covered in Thorns all over the body. Thorns on Their fins are very poisonous. Although this fish is full of poison, but the brightness seems to come out from their body. When divers go down underwater to take pictures, they don't come up without taking pictures of lionfish. While swimming, lionfish swim very slowly. This fish has ribbon-like wings near the chest. The ribbon-like wings are completely filled with venom. Any creature on the Coral Island island is susceptible to this poison.

shellless snail Nudibranch

Snails like leafhoppers

Nudibranch is the name of a rare type of shellless snail found on coral islands. Their body is beautiful in transparent color. The whole body looks like flower petals. the slime-oozing creature swells the body like a sprinkler. It looks a lot like a crop bush. However, by looking at their movement, it seems that everything is breaking and moving forward. This shellless snail doesn't really care about anything. Dazzling, colorific vertebrate species, the world's national cultures can find a wonderful similarity. It seems that this snail contributes to the incomparable beauty of the ‍sea's underwater coral gardens.

Monkey fish known as Spanish Dancer

Monkey fish can dance

This fish is known as Spanish Dancer. This magnificent coral creature is occasionally seen on coral islands. White color is scattered on their body.  On the coral islands, The Spanish dancer refers to the rare creature. This strange creature moves like a bird by leaping and bounding.  This is the reason why this species creature of fish is named monkey fish.

Moray Eel Batfish at night

Batfish come out at night

On the coral island, There is a strange fish called Moray Eel. During the day they cannot see and walk. That's why, they go out in search of food at night.  They are immersed in the coral during the day. In the evening, It comes out in search of food. They have a sharp sense of smell. Finds prey by breathing. They have terrible sharp teeth. Breathing is carried out by fluctuating two huge jaws. But they are very timid and comfortable species of creatures.

Marine scientists believe that these small attractive fish or grievous fish or water creatures of the coral islands are little by little getting used to surviving in harmony with the weather and situation. They improve in favorable environments and are able to defend themselves in the face of danger.

Diving experience at Underwater World.

The divers get an amazing experience by diving in the sea at night. Under the water, the kingdom will look like scattered blue habitats. There is a specter of loneliness Ignorance will be acquired. Completely separate from the outside world. When the slightest light falls under the water, many strange and mysterious animals can be seen, plants. There are many colorful fish in the coral reef.  Their skin color is dazzling.  Because all the light falls in a single way in a certain place. So precisely one animal has a great deal of one color. 

When the dead algae descend into the water, they take on their true form.  The algae branches and bushes are covered in various colors. The trees in different colors sway to the rhythm of the current. Just below it are tiny particles of plankton, the fish's favorite food.

The parrot fish looks very beautiful under the water when the light is turned on in the dark.  You can see that this terrible parrot fish is sleeping peacefully. To hide themselves from possible attacks at night, they make an enclosure with mucous or thin membranes on their body.  However, Unicorn Fish and  Tangerfish are famous for their long horns.  At night They also sleep. The body is lying spiritless leaning against the stone. Although it is a strange thing, it is true that these creatures are active during the day, but they become lifeless at night.

Changing skin color, hiding, and resting are different self-defense techniques to deal with enemies in deep coral islands every animal knows. One such type of fish is named Lassie. This colorful wing star lives quietly on coral islands. They have shiny white feathers like silver. Another species of coral known as the "basket star" sticks its head to the rock like a magnet at night. They float in the currents in search of plankton and feed. As soon as the light shines on these light-sensitive creatures, they wrap their whole body like a lamp.

Marine scientists believe that these small exotic fishes and strange water creatures of the coral islands are gradually getting used to living in harmony with the weather and conditions. They survive natural calamities and are able to protect themselves from danger. As before, the thin and soft body parts of underwater organisms do not harm coral reefs. These exotic aquatic creatures under the deep water inspire the mind to think about the creative world. The magnificent colorful environment under the deep water really feels like dreamy magic.

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