Why is World Doctors Day celebrated?

Why is World Doctors Day celebrated?

Why is World Doctors Day celebrated?

Doctor's Day is celebrated as 'International Doctor's Day' and 'National Doctor's Day' in different countries of the world.

International Doctors Day Like every year this year also on March 30, 'Doctor's Day' is being celebrated worldwide. Since 1933, this day is being celebrated to honor this noble profession of serving people. Doctors, surgeons work continuously for patients 24 hours a day and night. The day is celebrated to honor their sacrifices. 

What is the history of World Doctors Day?

On March 30, 1842, ether anesthesia was first used in surgery in the United States by Dr. Crawford W. Long. They chose 30 March as the day to commemorate the event. On March 30, 1933, Winder Barr County Alliance, first celebrated the day in Georgia. Dr. Charles B. Almond's wife, Eudora Brown Almond, suggested dedicating the day to honor doctors.

One of the objectives of World Doctor's Day is to maintain the unbreakable bond between medical care and health protection. On October 30, 1990, US President George Bush (Sr.) passed legislation to celebrate National Doctor's Day on March 30 in that country. The intention was to honor the medical profession. Revealing gratitude with cards, small gifts or greetings, etc. to these great people who cured the patients with their services.

What are the colors for Doctors Day?

Red carnations are commonly used as symbolic flowers on National Doctor's Day. Which was administered by Crawford W. Long, MD, the first ether anesthetic for surgery, on March 30, 1842, to mark Doctor's Day.

However, although March 30 is World Doctors Day, many countries around the world celebrate National Doctors' Day on different days of the year.

The day was dedicated to a doctor in their country. Doctor's Day is celebrated on December 3 in Spain, Cuba, and Argentina. Dr. The day was celebrated to mark the birthday of Carlos Juan Final. He discovered the mosquito-borne virus that causes yellow fever.

Which day is doctors day in Bangladesh?

Now the question may arise in the minds of many people, is there no international doctor's day in Bangladesh and do the doctors in Bangladesh perform the program celebrated as doctor's day in the United States on March 30?

National Doctors Day is celebrated in Bangladesh on October 24. Celebrating a profession dedicated to the service of ailing humanity certainly serves a noble purpose. Professionals like Nizamuddin need to be recognized for their extraordinary commitment to duty.  By celebrating such a national day, doctors can feel motivated to connect themselves more with the community, and at the same time the public can realize how doctors sometimes have to work under severe stress and difficult conditions.

Which is National Doctor Day in India?

International Doctors day in India July 1 Doctors Day. National Doctor's Day is observed across India on 1 July in memory of West Bengal physician and second Chief Minister Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy. On July 1, 1882, Dr. Roy was born, and on the Same date on July 1, 1962, Dr. Roy died.

Is Doctors Day a holiday in West Bengal?

For this reason, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee announced that July 1, to be observed as National Doctor's Day, declared the day as a public holiday.

Different countries around the world celebrate National Doctor's Day on other days of the year to honor doctors. National Doctor's Day is celebrated in Bangladesh on October 24. This day in India on July 1 legendary doctor and the second Chief Minister of West Bengal Dr. Observed in honor of Bidhanchandra Roy. National Doctor's Day is celebrated in Iran on 23 August. Doctor's Day is celebrated on December 3 in Spain, Cuba, and Argentina.

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