Earth the most solid food? In China, the motorway being sold fried pebble stones!

Selling fried pebbles on the roadside in China!

The hardest food in the world? Selling fried pebbles on the roadside in China!

The traditional food is presented in a box resembling the size of a hand's palm to the customer. One box of fried noodles costs around 2.30 US dollars.

Fried Pebbles: A Traditional Chinese Dish Making a Comeback.

Have you ever heard of fried pebbles? It might sound like a strange concept, but it is actually a traditional dish in China's Hubei Province. Known as "suodeu", which means "suck and dump", this dish has been gaining popularity on social media recently.

So, what exactly is fried pebbles? As the name suggests, it involves frying pebbles with spices mixed with stone. The process of enjoying the spicy taste involves frying the pebbles and then sucking on them. Similar to chewing gum, the stones are discarded afterwards.

Selling fried pebbles on the roadside in China
Selling fried pebbles on the roadside in China

In a video shared on social media, a cook can be seen preparing the dish at a roadside eatery. The pebble stone fry pan is first poured with chili oil, followed by garlic sauce, garlic cloves and chopped chillies. The dish is then served to the customer in a palm-sized box, costing around US$2.30.

In the Hubei Province of China, there is a traditional dish that has been gaining popularity once again - fried pebbles. Also known as "suodeu," which means "suck and dump," this dish is made by frying small stones with spices and then sucking the spicy flavor out of them before discarding the stone, much like chewing gum.

The dish was originally created by the Tujia community hundreds of years ago as a solution for food shortages on long boat journeys. Sailors would collect stones from the river and mix them with spices to create a makeshift meal. Over time, the tradition was lost due to improvements in communication and economic capabilities in the region.

However, thanks to social media, the dish has been making a comeback. Videos of roadside eateries preparing and selling fried pebbles have been circulating on Chinese social media, causing a buzz around the dish. In the videos, cooks can be seen pouring chili oil on a pebble stone fry pan, adding garlic sauce, garlic cloves, and chopped chilies before frying it all together.

While it may not be for everyone, fried pebbles are a unique and intriguing part of China's culinary history. Who knows, maybe one day they will become a popular dish around the world.

According to local Chinese media, the dish was popular among the Tujia community in Hubei province hundreds of years ago. During long journeys by boat, food shortages were common, so sailors would collect stones from the river and mix them with spices to create a nominal food source.

As China's communication system and economic capabilities have improved over time, the tradition of stone-fried food has been lost due to the lack of food in the province. However, with the help of social media, this traditional dish is gaining popularity once again both in China and abroad.

Fried Pebbles: A Traditional Chinese Dish Making a Comeback

The dish is said to be as popular as alcohol in the region and costs about US$2.30 for a box of roasted pebbles. Customers are even encouraged to take the stones home as a souvenir.

While some may find the idea of eating stones unappetizing, others appreciate the unique cultural significance of the dish. It is a reminder of a time when food was scarce and people had to make do with what they had.

As China continues to modernize and grow economically, it is important to preserve traditional cultural practices like fried pebbles. It not only provides a taste of history but also serves as a reminder of the resilience and ingenuity of the people who created it.

Selling fried pebbles on the roadside in China
Selling fried pebbles on the roadside in China

Despite its unusual nature, fried pebbles have become as popular as alcohol in the region. Customers have even asked if they need to return the stones after finishing the meal, but they are encouraged to take them home as souvenirs.

So next time you find yourself in Hubei Province, why not give fried pebbles a try? You might just be surprised by how tasty they are.

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