What would the world be like if dinosaurs existed?

What would the world be like if dinosaurs existed?

What would the world be like if dinosaurs existed?

when did dinosaurs extinct, what happened between dinosaurs and humans, how do we know dinosaurs existed millions of years ago.

About the 1990s. On Mondays in the week, the animated television series 'Godzilla' was seen on the TV screen on Monday afternoon to noon. Seeing that Godzilla, many people may have started thinking from a young age that there really is such a thing as Godzilla or dinosaur. Young children's mistakes are broken as soon as they are old enough to understand. However, a time on Earth, dinosaurs of existence actually was.  They ruled and wandered the whole world.

Dinosaurs in the Guangzhou region

These dinosaurs are one of the largest groups of vertebrates. This giant creature has long since left the world.  But if this animal was not extinct, then everyone on earth would have run away not by seeing tigers, lions, but by seeing dinosaurs. He declared himself king of the forest!

Dinosaurs in the region

There are so many movies made around dinosaurs alone.   Mitchell Crichton novel based on an dinosaur resurrection of Steven Spielberg's ‘Jurassic Park’ movies all over the World, the edge of great popular.  In the film, the dinosaurs are awakened again after the advancement of genetic technology.  The aim is to make money by creating a theme park called Jurassic Park on an island and displaying dinosaurs there. Dinosaur's quiet disposition, it is a plan.  But the difference between plan and reality was only understood when dinosaurs began to attack humans. Jurassic World, Shin Godzilla, Godzilla vs. Kong, etc. are some of the most successful dinosaur-based films.

Prehistory of Earth's Ecosystems

The Earth's ecosystem, the prehistoric residents of dinosaurs.  According to scientists, the dominant animal has ruled the earth for about 16 million years. Scientists believe that dinosaurs first appeared about 23 million years ago. They believe that dinosaurs became extinct in the Great Flood about 6 million years ago in the last hour of the Cretaceous period. Many years after the extinction of the dinosaurs, humans took control of the earth.

Prehistory of Earth's Ecosystems

A team of scientists at the University of Texas tried to find a new horizon on what could have happened had it not been for the disaster 6 million years ago. According to them, if the disaster had been limited to the Atlantic Ocean, not all dinosaurs would have become extinct.  Even today, dinosaurs live on earth. However, the dinosaur survival in people, what at all is currently in this position can have any? Researchers are studying it. In this hypothetical study, they are trying to guess at what stage if there were dinosaurs now, dinosaurs under human control or humans under dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs are extinct

However, a researcher, while giving an idea about dinosaurs, said that even if the great catastrophe did not happen at that time, there would be no dinosaur in the earth today.  Because the temperature of the earth has increased manifold compared to the temperature in which the dinosaurs survived on earth. So, he thinks, dinosaurs succumbed to the intelligence and skills of mammals.

However, Maryland University researcher Tom lets disagree. He said that at the time, the dinosaurs are extinct, if not the current temperature in yourself perfectly packed take these animals are. University of the researchers, Stephen Abruscato with tomato agree with that. His ideas, dinosaur adaptation capacity is relatively very good. That's why they were able to rule the earth for 16 million years. According to them, if it was not for that disaster, the kingdom of the world would still be in the hands of dinosaurs. However, no one can give a documentary explanation of what the situation of the world would have been like if there were dinosaurs in the world by now!

Dinosaurs and human

In 1677, British biologist Robert Plot discovered the bones of dinosaurs for the first time. Of course, no one had any idea about the animal at the time. Then another British paleontologist, William Buckland, found the dinosaur from that bone in 1819. Since then, dinosaurs have been found in many places. A few years ago, about 30 dinosaur egg fossils were found in guanzhou region of China's Jiangxi province. After testing, the researchers said that they appear to be dinosaur egg fossils. Archaeologists have examined the eggs and said they are at least 130 million years old.

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