Mysteries and Misconceptions about Snakes

So many mysteries and misconceptions about snakes

So many mysteries and misconceptions about snakes

Snakes, known as a terrible animal, is really terrible! July 16 is known as snake day in the world. This snake is in the list of harmless animals. However, some species of snakes are poisonous.

One of the most ferocious animals in the world, "Snake" is known to everyone as a fearsome animal. But this animal snake is really terrible! Rather, it can be kept in the list of innocent animals. However, some species of snakes are poisonous.

Its bite has the power to kill a person instantly. And because of this, people are generally afraid of it and stay away.

Do you know what? July 16 is known as World Snake Day.

All over the world's flood-prone countries, snakebites and deaths are not few during the flood season of May, June and July each year. Although snake sightings are rare in the locality at other times, snake sightings are more common during monsoons and floods due to water all around. The news of death by snake bite is often heard during this time.

Snake is a harmless animal. About 80 species of snakes roam around the country. Among them, only seven-eight species of snakes are highly poisonous, people die more from the bites of these species of snakes. However, many people have many misconceptions about these snakes. Because of this, people have to be in more danger.

Know some common misconceptions about this snake-

What is the poison in the snake's tail?

Many people have a misconception that the tail of a snake is poisonous. But actually, it is a completely venomous snake. It is far from having poison in the tail of this snake, it does not have poisonous teeth. They usually feed on small animals, rodents and eggs, small fish, small birds. Even some small species of poisonous snakes are their main food.

Snakes do not see

Many people think that snakes have one eye from birth or they cannot see. Basically, snakes are less visible during the day, so they move slower during the day. But in the dark of night, snakes can see ten times better than modern night vision goggles.

Does the snake listen to the harp and dance?

First, snakes have no ears. Even the eyesight of this animal is not sharp. Those who play veena or sapure, while playing the veena, keep waving the veena in front of the snake's face. The snake also shakes its head when it sees the snake in front of its eyes, thinking that an enemy is in front of it.

Snakes hear with their tongues

The snake sticks out its tongue repeatedly while moving. But it's not really for listening. There is a type of gland called 'Jacobson's Organ', at the tip of the snake's tongue. The presence of various substances in the air is sensed by the snake's tongue. It can also be said to smell the snake.

Snakes like to drink milk

Cold blooded animals are snakes, mammals and not carnivores. As a result, it is very difficult for snakes to eat milk and digest it. Milk can be said to be very harmful for snakes. Even some species of snakes can die from milk. The snakes that are seen drinking milk, they are mainly snakes of the Sapuridae. The Sapurs generally do not allow the snakes to drink water for about a month before Nagapanchami and are kept in captivity. Then these snakes are milked in front of the mouth. Snakes forcefully consume that milk.

Snakes chase people

Snakes are not enemies of humans. But if you fall in front of a snake, run away or jump, the snake may lash out in self-defense. Stand still if you fall in front of a snake. By doing this, the snake will pass you by, the snake usually comes to protect itself.

A snake knows its enemy

Snakes have no memory or intelligence. So it is not possible for a snake to recognize a human as an enemy. Snakes come to the locality in search of food just to survive.

See snake feet

There is a common belief among the rural people that if you see the legs of a snake, you will become a king or find treasure. Truth be told, snakes don't actually have legs. So there is no chance of becoming a king or getting any treasure by seeing the legs of a snake.

Snake bite treatment

Since ages, the treatment of snake bites is completely unscientific. Basically, in the treatment of snakebite, the patient who is bitten by the snake who does not have the venom of the snake is the best. So, instead of searching for the snake bitten person, one should go to the nearest doctor as soon as possible.

Snake gem

People in rural areas believe that the head of the snake has a stone like gem. But no gem-like stone material is formed in the snake's head. Sapuras use such clever words to mislead people. Sapuras sometimes confuse what they see as gems with pearls or other shiny stones.

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