Fish bite will cure serious diseases

Fish bite will cure serious diseases

Fish bite will cure serious diseases

fish bite will cure serious diseases. different types of spa treatments for hands, feet and body in spas. Which is very helpful in relieving body.

Spe aquarium for fish bite

There are different types of systems such as body massage or spa systems in different countries of the world to relieve body fatigue. Among South Asian countries, Thailand is the most advanced in this respect. There are different types of spa treatments for hands, feet and body in spas. Which is very helpful in relieving body fatigue as well as curing various pains.

At present, many countries of the world have started Fish Spa. A house full of small fishes, sitting with their feet immersed in them. You must remember a scene from the Indian South movie Baahubali, where the tired heroine dips her hands in the lake water and small fishes start biting her hands. The heroine took a nap in comfort.

Just like that. It has now become the most popular spa in the world. Gara rufa is a small carp-like (cyprinid) fish. The fish are called doctor fish. There is a story behind it, it is said that this fish lives in the hot spring of Sibas province in central Turkey. It is said that 400 years ago a tired shepherd fell into this hot spring. A thousand small fish caught him. This healed all his wounds. Since then the name of this fish has become 'doctor's fish'. From eczema to fatigue, this fish can cure everything.

It usually lives in mild freshwater. This fish species is mainly found in the Central Eurasia region. This fish is commercially known as doctor fish or doctor fish all over the world. But sometimes this fish is also called nibble fish. More than a decade ago, this fish has been used in the treatment of various skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, etc. in Turkey and some others   countries of the Middle East. This method has gained great popularity nowadays. Even Bangladesh and such treatment methods exist.

A small species of fish eats dead skin on human feet. As a result, pedicures are done with this fish all over the world in foot care. By eating away the dead skin, new skin is visible on the feet, making the feet more beautiful and attractive. This fish is placed in a small tank or bath tub and the patient is kept with his feet immersed in it. After a certain period of time it eats away the dead skin on the feet. This is how this treatment is completed. Moreover, many times treatment is done with the help of this fish to remove dead skin on the face or other parts of the body.

Spe aquarium for fish bite
Spe aquarium for fish bite

Although this method is quite popular nowadays. But it has several risks. There is even evidence of contracting infectious diseases through the use of this treatment. For this reason, skin treatment with this fish has been banned in the US, UK, Canada and some parts of Europe.

Several studies have shown that pedicures with this fish can cause a variety of bacterial infections. The results presented below-

A 2013 report published in Springer's journal Infection showed that Staphylococcus aureus bacterial infection occurred after a fish pedicure with garra rufa fish.

In addition, an article published in the European Journal of Dermatology in 2017 stated that due to pedicure with this fish, an infectious disease called mycobacteriosis was caused by bacteria called Mycobacterium marinum.

So it is understood that removing the dead skin from our body in this way is not really scientific. Moreover, it is not a research method. We should be careful while getting a pedicure or manicure done by Dr. Fees.

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