Android 13 New Negations Features

Android 13 New Negations Features

Android 13 New Negations Features

Android 13 New Negations Features, New Generations Android 13 Features Most Amazing. Dynamic app icons new version are highlighted.

Android 13 New Negations Features

Google has released the fast look of the next version of Android 13.  The main features of the new version are highlighted in the preview.  The company has focused most on the interface.  Besides, there are various features including advanced theming options, privacy, language control.

In Android 13 Features, Google has worked to take customization to the next level.  In this case, the dynamic app icons will now be available for all applications.  There will also be a feature called theme icons that will allow app icons to adapt a color related to the wallpaper.

Google is always careful about user privacy.  Google is removing a page from Apple's Playbook for privacy in this version.  Users will be able to set the permission level for accessing the phone's gallery.  The app will not be able to access the media files of the phone as its own.  As a result, the privacy of the phone will increase.

A new feature has been added for WiFi permissions.  It will be able to find the WiFi points without determining the location of the phone.

In terms of language preference, some new features have been added in the next version of Android.  Users can now set different languages ​​for each application.  For example, if one app runs in English, users will be able to use another app in Bengali at that time.

Android 13 New Negations Features
Android 13 New Negations Features

Android 13 Developer Preview has already been published.  It can be used on Pixel 4, Pixel 5 and Pixel 6 devices.  So there is no need for regular users to install it.

Google will release more developer previews in February and March.  The beta version may come by April.  A stable version is likely to be released in June or July.  However, the official release will be later this year.

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