Mysterious White Desert of Egypt

Mysterious White Desert of Egypt

Mysterious White Desert of Egypt

Mysterious White Desert of Egypt. This white desert can be seen in reality if you ever visit Farafra Oasis in Egypt. The eye-popping history.

When you hear the name White Desert, you may think of a fictional place. But it is not imaginary, this white desert can be seen in reality if you ever visit Farafra Oasis in Egypt. The eye-popping history of this desert shows that the eastern Sahara desert was submerged in water when a part of it accumulated clay in Ancient Egypt.

Landscapes created in the White Desert of Egypt

As the area slowly rises above the sea level, the accumulated clay forms the White Desert. Thank you all. Our topic today is to give you some idea about 10 surprising things in the world. I promised to come back with this kind of information later on.

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Geologists say that there was a huge lake here about 10 million years ago. With time, the water in the lake dries up. And the huge crystals of gypsum under it have been eroded by weathering to form small gypsum-like grains of sand. They are spread over this vast area of 700 square kilometers, forming numerous small gypsum mounds. 

What is special about the White Desert

What is special about the White Desert?

This desert gets its name from the layers of limestone and chalk that partially cover the landscape. The White Desert is a unique place, In this world, you will nothing find like this anywhere else. The white color of the rock creates a striking contrast with the yellow desert sand due to its limestone composition.

What caused the White Desert in Egypt?

Millions of years ago the desert was under the sea. Sedimentary rock layers were exposed when the sea receded and a plateau collapsed. Certain rock formations, resisting the changes of time, have given the White Desert its unique character and charm.

Where is the White Desert in Egypt?

White Desert Reserve is a national park in Sahara El Beida, Egypt, first established as a reserve in 2002. Its location is in the Farafra Depression, a white desert 45 km (28 mi) north of the city of Qsar El Farafra. Farafra Oasis (New Valley Governorate) includes parts of the park.

What is the history of White Desert

What is the history of White Desert?

Over time (millions of years ago), tectonic changes occur, and when the land began to rise. The area is flooded during monsoons due to the tides of the Arabian Sea. The place dries up after the monsoons, leaving a vast featureless plain covered in salt and marshes. 

How old is White Desert Egypt

How old is White Desert Egypt?

The vast terrain (3.9 thousand km2) is dotted with white inselberg-chalks of various sizes. It's difficult to belief that 60 million years ago, this area was a shallow sea floor where sediments accumulated over the next 30 million years, forming a thick layer of limestone that reached more than 300 meters in time.

White desert of Egypt animals and trees

White desert of Egypt animals and trees

It is almost impossible to grow any trees in this desert. No plant can survive here unless it grows very fast or is not resistant enough. Among the animals, foxes, rabbits, mice, and chameleons are rarely seen.

White desert of egypt Wikipedia and Cairo to the white desert.

The name White Desert may sound like a fictional place. All the unique elements of beauty and form are mixed together in this diverse world. Although some of them are created by humans, most of them are naturally given by God.

Farafra Oasis is 570 kilometers southwest of Cairo, the capital of Egypt, the desert country of Afro-Asia. Another 45 kilometers to the north is a strange and wonderful vast mysterious and beautiful area, White Desert or White Desert.

Where is the White Desert Egypt?
where is the desert in Egypt

Due to the impact and erosion of monsoons and time, special calcium stones of pale white and cream color have been formed here, which are amazing to see. It is quite famous for its mesmerizing scenery of glittering rocks.

It also has remarkably smooth limestone formations. The monstrous structures in the open wilderness have stood as a mystery for thousands of years. They are also given very fancy names. For example - mushrooms, ice cream, tent, monolith, etc.

The garden is embellished with millions of small white mushroom-shaped stones that you might think are hawks, sometimes chickens, sometimes an old man sitting in a hat, and sometimes a group of dancing girls. They also change color with daylight.

The shapes that turn from the bright golden color of noon to light pink at sunset seem miraculous. The desert creates a magical color with the bright stars under the sky on a moonlit night.

Can you visit the White Desert in Egypt

Can you visit the White Desert in Egypt?

In the middle of this mysterious nature you can go to the White Desert. Everyone should visit Egypt's White Desert at least once for a romantic experience.

It is also a shelter for various animals. Home to the endangered rime deer, striped fawn, barbary sheep, red and silver foxes, and sand cats. Egypt declared it a National Desert Reserve in 2002.

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