'Red Sea' is the paradise of underwater: the fish kingdom

'Red Sea' is the paradise of underwater: the fish kingdom

'Red Sea' is the paradise of underwater: the fish kingdom

The undersea beauty or the Paradise of underwater is called 'Red Sea'. The fish kingdom beautiful species of animals live in the paradise.

The beauty of the ocean floor or the Paradise of Underwater is called the 'Red Sea'. There are gardens and incredibly beautiful species of animals in the paradise of the fish kingdom. Some are dangerous and some are harmless. All are wonders of creation. The world's largest natural aquarium, the Red Sea is also called a photographer's paradise. Taking pictures here requires utmost caution and courage. Diver photographers capture incredibly beautiful and fascinating moments of marine life. This is not just an endless treasure trove of mysteries. Here lies the sheer joy and satisfaction of discovery.

The incredible beauty of the fish kingdom in the ’Red Sea’

It is difficult to say with certainty how many types of fish exist in the world's waters. However, more than nine hundred species of fish have been identified in the Red Sea. The colorful glow of these fish fascinates the eyes and mind. There are also beautiful hard-shell crabs on the sea floor. Similarly, There are numerous small invertebrates. Also, there are various holes in the underwater coral reef. There are also different colored tubeworms and different types of fish with different names and designs. These include some fish and tubeworms that grow up to four meters long. Their mouths stick to marine plankton. These aquatic animals move around underwater coral reefs. It is an unusual sight. This is like a kingdom of fish. If there is any genuinely majestic beauty on earth, it lies beneath this sea.

the fish kingdom in the ’Red Sea’

A coral reef is nothing more than an underwater sandy layer. This layer is progressively deeper, sloping at various angles, particularly at thirty-degree angles. There is almost no sunlight here, it looks like a magical city. The plants here are very small. Due to low light, this sea garden cannot be seen even from a distance of thirty meters. But in the sea where the coral island starts, the sunlight is good. The coral reef is clearly visible in that light. And one must be speechless with joy and wonder at the sight of strange animals and algae in this calm sea.

Sea curtain barracuda

Coral islands have very small aquatic insects, which are almost impossible to see with the naked eye. However, when they move around the coral reef in groups, the beautiful colorful light on their bodies is very attractive. On the other hand, the lips of butterfly fish are colorful. Their face is a bit long and a bit thick.

parrot fish

Underwater, angel fish and parrot fish use their beaks to dig rocks and generally soil to muddy the water. This is their full-time job. However, they are strongly attracted to animals of the same species. And if any other fish or animal comes to their hideout, they attack them in groups and chase them away.

The scorpion fish or lionfish or flying scorpionfish

Clever Fish: Scorpion

Thousands of fascinating animals live underwater. Scorpion fish is one of them. Their body is bright red or light beige in color. The body is fringed with thin scales As they are, their body looks like a flower. Sometimes the sea algae, and sometimes limestone is covered in such a way that it is not understandable. It remains as still as death. They are very clever animals. It is true that it pretends to be still and dead, but also attacks when it gets prey. Their bodies scales, and fins are terrible for other enemy fish. And due to the special characteristics of the body scales and fins, divers often mistake it for a stone fish.

Stone fish

Scary Fish: Stonefish

The stone fish is the most dangerous and poisonous of all the fish in coral islands. But this fish is very clever. This fish is also a master of camouflage immediately after attacking the enemy. To put dust in the enemy's eyes, the gap is killed behind another stone by hitting a small string like a stone. The body can be completely hidden in the coral sand to make this fish invisible. The poison in this fish's fins causes convulsions and severe pain in humans. And the stone fish in the Red Sea are very efficient in dealing with enemies.

dangerous animals under the sea

How to identify dangerous animals under the sea? 

Coral islands already have enough exotic fish. And those cute fish are great. Some fish are also famous for their variety of colors. So each species of fish does not like the touch of any other species of fish at all. Divers are well aware of the dangerous creatures on coral islands. And these monstrous creatures move straight and smartly as they advance. There is no sign of fear in them. Swinging carelessly. Even if there is an obstacle in front, he does not run away. In atolls, the monstrous venomous animals that behave in such a manner are undoubtedly regarded as dangerous. It is best to avoid them very carefully.

Marine scientists believe that these small charming fish or dangerous fish or water creatures of the coral islands are gradually getting used to surviving in harmony with the weather and conditions. They thrive in favorable environments and are able to defend themselves in the face of danger.

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