How powerful is Google's chatbot 'Bard'?

How powerful is Google's chatbot 'Bard'?

How powerful is Google's chatbot 'Bard'?

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Last November, OpenAI introduced a new chatbot, ChatGPT. There is interest in "ChatGPT" all over the world now. Around 100 million people worldwide have now used ChatGPT in January alone. It is an artificial intelligence chatbot system or conversational application.

However, due to the popularity of ChatGPT, Google was facing a crisis of existence. So Google also announced the new chatbot Bard. Google's chatbot Bard was recently launched. Bard is currently in beta testing for some users.

Generative Chatbot AI Brad

Let's know about this new chatbot "Bard" of Google:

Bard allows collaboration with generative AI through an experiment based on this same technology. As a creative and supportive partner, Bard can make imagination easier, expand your knowledge, and help bring your ideas to life—Bard can help you plan the perfect birthday party and draft invitations, meaning the complexities are yours. can make it easier for

Generative chatbot ai Brad

Can the Bard react safely and accurately?

Bard is experimental and is currently in beta mode. So some responses may be wrong, so in this case, Google suggests double-checking the information in the Bard's responses. With user feedback, Bard is doing well every day. Before Bard was publicly launched, thousands of testers were involved in providing feedback to Bard to improve its accuracy, quality, and safety.

Who will get the benefit of Google's chatbot 'Bard'! 

Accelerating human concepts with generative AI is really exciting, but it's still in its early stages. Bard, however, has built-in security controls and mechanisms for response that comply with Google's AI Principles. However, be aware that "Bard" may display incorrect information or offensive statements.

How many languages does the Bard know?

At the moment Bard can only help with US English, but Google is working to enable Bard to speak as many languages as possible. In this case, users may have to wait some more time.

Can the bard explain how it works?

Bard's Response may occasionally claim that Gmail or other personal apps and services use personal information from other places. But that's not correct, and as of the LLM interface, Bard has no ability to determine this information. Bard does not use any personal data to improve Bard from Gmail or other personal apps and services In that case, more information about how Google keeps users' data private, and secure can be found in Google's Privacy Policy.

Generative chatbot ai Brad

Who can use Bard?

To use Bard, the user will need a personal Google Account, which the user can manage himself. But in this case, the user cannot use the type of Google account which is managed by the parent or Google Workspace admin. Only users 18 years of age or older can use it. Again, Bard may not be available in all countries at this time. For now, users have to join the waiting list before they can start using it. How to join the waitlist.

In a recent blog post, Google authorities said that they have started the rollout of their own AI chatbot, Bard, at the experimental level. Interested users can join the waiting list to get access to this chatbot. Although Google authorities have stated that initially only certain users will have access to this chatbot of Google.

Generative chatbot ai Brad

Microsoft launched their new Binge feature a few days ago. Google is walking in their path. That is, those who sign up for the wait list now will get access to Google's AI chatbot Bard. For now, only users in the US and UK will have access to Bard. Residents of these two countries can be added to the waitlist. It is known that this Google Service Bard will be launched in other countries in the coming days. Those interested can sign up by visiting

Meanwhile, ChatGPT and its updated chatbot GPT-4 are not only search engines, but many people are losing their jobs. Because the work is being done very easily by ChatGPT. From data entry clerks, and customer service representative to mass media, proofreaders, book keepers everyone can be done in it. As a result, teachers, writers, software developers, and freelancers are losing their jobs.

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