What to do if there is a fire? Cause of Accidental fire!

Classifications of Fire Cause

What to do if there is a fire? Cause of Accidental fire!

Wildfire causes thousands of people die in fires. Cause of Accidental fire! What to do if there is a fire?

What is accidental cause of fire?

Due to Fire Accidents Every year thousands of people die, in fires.  Unawareness plays a bigger role than fire is responsible for these deaths.  On April 4, a terrible fire broke out at Bangabazar Market at 6 am.  All the shops of Bangabazar complex were burnt to ashes.  Which later spread to Bangamarket, Mahanagar Shopping Market, Adarsh ​​Market, Islamia, and Enexco Tower.  A helicopter is seen taking water from Hatirjheel to put out the fire of neighboring buildings including the Enexco Tower near Bangabazar in the capital.  Directorate of Fire Service and Civil Defense collects water from the pond adjacent to Fazlul Haque Muslim Hall of Dhaka University in addition to the water taken in its own vehicles.  Dhaka Wasa workers ran with carloads of water.  An eager crowd at the scene and a lack of water and air delayed the fire. The control room of the fire service informed that the fire was brought under control at 12:36 pm after about 6 and a half hours with the efforts of fire service, army, and navy.  Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has been monitoring the entire situation and giving necessary instructions during the fire.  He expressed grief over the incident and sympathized with the victims.  At the same time, the Prime Minister ordered the rehabilitation of the affected businessmen by determining the damages.

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Already in Bangladesh, more and more fires occur during the dry season.  At this time the surrounding climate is dry.  Besides, all the combustible materials have low water vapor content and are dry.  Therefore, if there is a fire in the house, the fire spreads quickly because the furniture is dry.  However, the number of fire incidents has increased the most this year.  According to the news, various business establishments including houses are burning due to fires in different places.  It's not just the end of the fire.  Many people died in the accident.  Apart from this, fire also occurs due to various accidents due to the storm.  Fires also occur from ordinary stove fires, hot ashes, burning bits of beedis or cigarettes, disturbances caused by incorrect electrical connections, use of open lamps, children playing with fire, etc.  Care should be taken that children do not play with fire.  This is the cause of accidental fire.  Sometimes people's will is also on fire.  The number of setting fire to each other's houses due to enmity is not uncommon in the village.

Most people affected by a fire cannot keep a cool head.  Many died in haste and stampede.  More people die from suffocation due to lack of oxygen than from burning.  Many people cannot decide what to do now when there is a fire.  The person whose house is on fire does not have any intelligence.  Don't know what to do immediately after a fire.  Because fire causes a lot of damage to life and property.  So the death toll only increases in unrest.  If there is advance planning, life can be easily saved by going to safe shelter.  So fire extinguishers should be kept at home.  In the event of a fire, it is important to know what to do instead of just shouting for help.

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These days, the capital has become an unprotected city in the face of these fires that occur at regular intervals.  The threat of danger is more than the events that are constantly happening.  In the last five years, such accidents have increased at a geometric rate.  To save Dhaka, it is necessary to ensure security in fire safety, electricity and gas line supply.  Failure to do so will not stop the fire.  Gas consumption has become an integral part of citizen's lifestyle.  Along with permanent gas lines, the use of cylinder gas has also increased.  But there is no end to our carelessness and ignorance regarding the use of gas.  Also, no one is thinking about the dangerous use of gas.  Due to this, many such accidents are happening.  So be aware of gas usage at home.  Also report any anomalies (especially bubbling sound or smell of gas due to pipe line leakage) to the authorities.  Accidents can be avoided a lot.

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Extinguish the bidi-cigarette thoroughly after consuming it.  Gas stove must be switched off after cooking.  Do not use defective or punctured cylinders.  Also, if there is any leakage, fix it.  Do not throw hot ash anywhere dry.  Do not dry clothes on gas or clay stoves.  Do not use cheap electrical cables.  From children to the elderly, everyone in the family should be careful about fire.  Keep papers or boxes around the electrical switchboard or multiplug in a safe place such as TV, fridge, microwave oven, mobile charger, etc. in the multiplug.  Multiplugs with individual switches for each plug should be used.  Do not plug in the electrical plug after work.  In case of fire due to electrical disturbance, first turn off the main switch.  Save telephone and mobile phone numbers to contact fire service and civil defense stations.

After daily cooking, make sure that the stove is turned off.  Do not throw beedis or cigarettes where there is fire.  Take care that little boys and girls do not play with fire.  Prevent children from bursting firecrackers.  It is better not to keep flammable liquids indoors.  If there is, then smoking should be avoided around him.  Care should also be taken to keep flammable liquids away from stoves or mosquito coils.  Never take an open lamp inside a mosquito net.  Always keep both buckets of water and buckets within easy reach.  Keep the main switch of electricity in a place where it can be turned off easily.  Check the electrical wiring occasionally.  Replace if necessary.  Ensure proper earthing of electricity.

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And yes, don't get excited or upset at first if there is a fire.  Keep a cool head.  Make sure there is a real fire or not.  Don't bother screaming if you see smoke.  Try to understand where the fire started.  If there is a fire from an ordinary stove or cigarette or wood, keep pouring water on the fire.  An electrical or oil fire should never be extinguished with water.   Cover with sand or wet cloth.  In case of fire from electricity, turn off the main switch immediately.  The fire quickly spread to the houses in the village.  So, to prevent the fire from spreading quickly, demolish one or two nearby houses.  It is better not to keep flammable liquids indoors.  If there is, then smoking should be avoided around him.  Care should also be taken to keep flammable liquids away from stoves or mosquito coils.  Be careful while cooking.  Gas stoves should not be left burning unnecessarily.

Danger can happen at any time.  Matchboxes should be kept as high as possible and out of the reach of children.  It is safer to keep it locked in a drawer.  Deslai should never be placed near stoves or mosquito coils.  It is better not to smoke while sleeping.  Because sometimes you can fall into deep sleep at any time from drowsiness.  If smoking, cigarette residue must be extinguished.  Burning cigarettes should not be thrown anywhere.  Automatic fire alarm systems should be installed in homes or offices, so that in the event of a fire, the alarm sounds immediately and everyone can be alerted.  The fire alarm should be sounded occasionally to see if everyone in the family is alerted by hearing the alarm.  If not careful, they will have to practice again and again.  If someone's clothes catch fire, never run away in fear.  The fire will burn with more intensity.  If clothing catches fire, lie down and roll over instead of trying to run.  Running will make the fire grow, burn more.  Tumbling will cause the fire to go out due to lack of oxygen.  So roll him on the ground or wrap him in a wet cloth.

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According to experts, such accidents can be avoided by being a little aware.  It is also necessary to be careful of fire.  As the saying goes, it is better to try to prevent the disease than to cure it after it occurs.  And so be careful not to catch fire.  We all need to be aware of fire.  Fire should be used with caution.  So that it does not go into dangerous condition.  Water should be kept close at hand to avoid igniting flammable materials.  Water reservoirs should be increased.  Arrangements must be made so that fire service personnel can easily get water and their vehicles can easily enter the area.  Along with this, just as you have to be aware and careful about this, you also have to warn others.  Citizens call the fire service for help.  For this, remember the phone number of the nearest fire service.  Or write it in a place where everyone's eyes will always go.  And yes.  The authorities concerned should also be more responsible in this regard.  Everyone's caution and knowledge can prevent any accidents.

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